[Homeroast] Initial feedback on ElSalvador Apaneca Illamatepec?

Mary Shue mshue at umich.edu
Sun Apr 18 06:07:09 CDT 2010

Well, today is the day I can grind some of this roast and try it.  I'm
drinking some Bolivian right now so later on today I will post back again.
These were my details for the first roasting of the ESAI.  I roasted 8oz but
set the roaster for 1lb to be sure I had enough time.  Although now I don't
think that would have been a problem since I used P1 on the Behmor.  I set
it for B so I started out with 20:00.   I roasted in my garage where the
ambient temperature was about 62 degrees.  I definitely like the absence of
the smoke alarm going off.  This may be my preferred spot to roast.  At
10:45-10:30 (15 seconds) I opened the door to slow down the 1st crack a
little (am I thinking right?).  At 9:45-7:45, the first crack occurred.
(9:45 was when the first couple of pops started).  It seemed like first
crack was done by 7:45 and the smell was getting pretty omninus so I hit
cool and opened the door for about 20 seconds to hasten the cooling.  The
beans look "about" the right color.  Is the preheat trick used mostly in the
P3-5?  So the total roast time was 12 minutes 15 secs, which sounds a little
short but I'll know later today.  I think I prefer full city roasts but have
not made a correlation yet between these terms and the tastes. I wonder if
Comet Coffee would do a tasting for me?   Any thoughts at this point (on the
roasting details)?  Mary in A2

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