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Hey Ed:

could not agree more. fresh is frsh is fresher still.

why add that unknown to the mix of what is perfect?


On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 3:19 PM, sci <scizen at gmail.com> wrote:

> I agree Ed, the whole point of homeroast is to have super fresh coffee, not
> preserve it. I was just saying all that for those who want to experiment,
> with coffee, wine, or any food stuff. I'd like to come up with a CO2 flush
> kit for things like guacamole that have severe oxidation problems. Still,
> it
> is more practical to just eat all the guac rather than saving it. My beans
> are usually gone in 7 days, unless it is some espresso I want to age. On a
> daily basis the little reusable vacuum bags are very practical for coffee.
>  Ivan
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> I'm curious why it is such an issue for preserving the beans?  We are
> homeroasters.  We have absolutely the freshest beans in the world.  We can
> roast any time we want.  There's no need to preserve our beans.
> Roast--use--repeat.  On that rare occasion where you have more beans than
> you can use in two weeks, freeze them in a sealed glass jar or a thick
> mylar
> zip-loc coffee bag.  They will be as good as when you put them in there
> several weeks from when you froze them.
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