[Homeroast] [homeroast] The future of Capps?

Sandy Andina sandraandina at mac.com
Mon Apr 19 17:40:17 CDT 2010

Q.  Whatcha doin'?
A. We're having a happy Fizzies party!   

I can still picture the (primitive) animation too. The cherry flavor wasn't bad, the grape tolerable, the rest---eeeuuwww!  And remember Flav-R-Straws:  paper flex-straws that had a flavor-impregnated piece of felt embedded in them?  We put them in our milk at school to disguise the fact that often the individual cartons had sat outside the fridge for hours.  
On Apr 19, 2010, at 4:53 PM, Lynne wrote:

> Years ago they had something called Fizzies - it was a tablet you'd put in
> water & it would make a delicious (cough... gag...cough) sweet drink we'd
> have w/our penny candy. Located some a few yrs ago, and was shocked at how
> AWFUL the stuff was.
> Might go great with this (although I think the pop-rock idea is the best,
> haha).
> Lynne

Peace & song, 

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