[Homeroast] Using CO2 to preserve freshness?

Ed Needham roast at homeroaster.com
Sun Apr 18 22:02:05 CDT 2010

I'm curious why it is such an issue for preserving the beans?  We are 
homeroasters.  We have absolutely the freshest beans in the world.  We can 
roast any time we want.  There's no need to preserve our beans. 
Roast--use--repeat.  On that rare occasion where you have more beans than 
you can use in two weeks, freeze them in a sealed glass jar or a thick mylar 
zip-loc coffee bag.  They will be as good as when you put them in there 
several weeks from when you froze them.
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"

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> Putting dry ice in a sealed container is a recipe for disaster.  A popular
> trick is to put a chunk of dry ice in a 1 liter pop (PET) bottle and when
> the dry ice sublimates, the bottle explodes.  This could be disastrous in
> glass.
> As for sealing mason jars, I picked up one of those foodsaver attachments
> and pull a vacuum on my greens stored in jars, real handy.  I'd though of
> trying the oxygen absorber packets I mentioned earlier, they actually pull 
> a
> vacuum too, but I normally use my roasted within 14 days and am currently
> pinching pennies, but if you try this, let us know.
> -Chris

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