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Kopi Luwak; "Coffee from a-holes, for a-holes..."
Hilarius :-D
I can't stop thinking about "The Bucket List" and the a-hole who drank KL.
In the end, he was buried in a Chock-Ful-O-Nuts coffee can.

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No mention of the fact the philipine coffee is going to be low-grown
robusta and liberica, not arabica, so it is npt going to taste good
anyway. No mention that caging a free-roaming nocturnal animal is
cruel. no mention that civets prefer, above all, to eat chickens, not
fruit. no mention that any cupper from the specialty industry would
reject the coffee in a blind cupping.

George Howell pinned it years ago:

Kopi Luwak; "Coffee from a-holes, for a-holes..."

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