[Homeroast] Behmor neophyte

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Sun Apr 18 12:29:34 CDT 2010

Just dive right in!  Experience is the best guide.

I usually use P2 and roast to FC+.  Just this morning I roasted some Raisin 
Coffee and gently hit 1st (barely audible) and hit "cool" at 2nd.  I open 
the door when I hit "cool" to halt 2nd crack.  The Raisin Coffee is great 
with, oh.., a few minutes of rest.  This is one of my quirks.  I enjoy most 
coffees right out of the roaster.  It will be less enticing tomorrow, but 
the day after it will start developing other interesting flavors.

This morning's roast was 322 g of coffee done on 1lb-P2B.  P2's drop in 
power occurred about a minute before 1st, although it was mild and hard to 
hear.  If I wanted to shorten that gap, I'd use less coffee.  I would do 
this in "pot's worth" increments so I don't run out of a given batch with 
less than a "pot's worth" of beans left.

Best of luck to you!


>* *After 3 years of happy home-roasting with various contraptions, I am
> taking the Behmor plunge, thanks to tax refund.
> Is there anywhere I can find a definitive guide to roasting with the 
> Behmor?
> I have an espresso machine, so I will want to do some roasting into 2nd.
> I felt confident doing this, mostly due to this list and the enthusiasm 
> here
> for the Behmor.
> However, I have ignored all the Behmor posts over the years for obvious
> reasons.
> So, does anybody have anything like a "down and dirty" guide?
> Ivan

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