[Homeroast] Behmor neophyte

Ken Schillinger ken at whidbey.com
Sun Apr 18 02:15:02 CDT 2010

Hi Ivan,
I'm nearly a newbie with a few years of roasting behind me, and I bought a 
Behmor when they first were made available to the public.
The method I use for roasting most of my coffee as follows:
Measure two cups of greens (by volume) into the drum.
Install the drum and chaff tray into the machine.
Pre-heat machine and greens by:
Select the 1LB. P1 profile and press start, which will set the timer for 18 
At 16: 10 press stop.
Immodestly press 1LB then the P4 button and then the start button.
Press the + button to increase the time for as long as it will go.
Set your another timer for 15 minutes and relax.
After 15 minutes your roast will be ready to enter 1st so listen for it.
As 1st ends, listen for 2nd to start, (I have my ear nearly on the door, 
because I have poor hearing).
A few seconds into 2nd press the cool button and set you auxiliary timer for 
13 minutes and relax; 13 minutes is how long the cooling cycle lasts.
I have a vacuum cleaner stored by my roaster so I can vacuum the door, 
followed by the chaff tray upon removal, then the interior of the roaster. 
This keeps the roaster ice and tidy.
If all goes as it should, you will have a perfectly acceptable roast.
The beans I prefer with this roast are Chiapas, Raisin, and Costa Ricans, as 
well as other CA beans.

Best regards, Ken

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>* *After 3 years of happy home-roasting with various contraptions, I am
> taking the Behmor plunge, thanks to tax refund.
> Is there anywhere I can find a definitive guide to roasting with the 
> Behmor?
> I have an espresso machine, so I will want to do some roasting into 2nd.
> I felt confident doing this, mostly due to this list and the enthusiasm 
> here
> for the Behmor.
> However, I have ignored all the Behmor posts over the years for obvious
> reasons.
> So, does anybody have anything like a "down and dirty" guide?
> Ivan
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