[Homeroast] Using CO2 to preserve freshness?

Mike Koenig koenig.mike at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 15:21:06 CDT 2010

 Best to stay out of your basement then... no wind to disrupt the CO2 you
exhale, so it will all slide down into your basement, and you may have some
trouble breathing down there.

All theory aside,  I'm getting more and more curious about this, and I'm
thinking of an experiment (not that I'm motivated enough to run it).  I'm
thinking that putting some coffee in a jar with a nice size chunk of dry
ice, and pulling a vacuum will result in a jar that's nearly oxygen free.
Using the same batch of coffee, comparing an open container, a jar that's
been capped loosely, a jar like I just described with dry ice after a
certain period of rest, would put this issue to bed.

Anyone have a setup that can pull a vacuum on mason jars?


  - The O2 displacement by the more dense CO2 molecules in a closed
  environment further reduces oxidation, unless the jar has built-in jet
  streams or meteorological convection currents like the planet has.  Same
  magic runs windmills...

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