[Homeroast] Sunbeam Vac pot tuning: a simple solution/RayO

Daniel Remer danielremer at me.com
Thu Apr 15 11:46:29 CDT 2010

I guess I'm missing something here. -RayO has so much time on his  
hands he can write paragraphs full of assumptions, suppositions and  
general silliness. On the other hand, this morning I have some time on  
my hands as well.

1. Thermometer = Thermapen. Nice fast reading digital thermometer.  
Tested against a good alcohol thermometer and parallax issues aside,  
both register the same at boiling, room temperature (don't tell me  
RayO, that rooms have different temperatures. I think I've learned  
that over the years of experience I have had living in rooms of  
different sizes and configurations. Of course originally I did think  
all rooms were are the same temperature.)

2. Ice = I don't care what temperature the ice is. What I care is that  
it will reduce the hot water to a temperature that isn't too hot.  
Until RayO I thought if my drink was too warm, some ice would cool it  
down, and if one cube didn't do the trick, maybe another two or three  
would. Now I know better. Ice is a very relative substance and it's  
better not to use it since one doesn't really know what it does. In my  
case, stupid me, I was using ice from the same freezer. I should have  
used ice from several freezers to average their temperature and  
achieve far better results. The problem is I only have one freezer.  
I'll look into getting another couple on Craig's list.

3. Again, my foolishness, but I actually didn't install the  
thermometer. I just dipped it in the coffee and waited a few seconds  
for the temperature to stabilize and read the digital display. I made  
sure that I was perfectly square to it and I only used one eye, so I  
think I minimized the parallax error. But you are right, I should  
probably do it again and maybe drill a hole through my perfect mint  
Sunbeam and make it more of a permanent installation.

4. Nice coffee is what I want. Frankly, I don't normally drink it as  
much. I use my espresso machine and I drink espresso. However, other  
family members want nice coffee and being that I have lots of time on  
my hands, I often make them a pot.  BUT the point of my original  
message was not that I like the coffee I made. The point was that if  
you (I assume, RayO, that you don't, but then again I could be wrong)  
actually have a Sunbeam and if you like it except that it brews too  
hot, then there is a simple fix. In other words, my motive was  
altruistic and not intended to offend anyone, especially you. It is  
true that I enjoyed my coffee. Which I did today, despite having a cold.

5. The real question I have is I always thought I didn't like coffee  
if I had a cold. Does this indicate I might be getting better, worse  
or have I developed a talent for tasting without using my nose? I'm  
sure, RayO, you'll have some opinions; when do you think I'll be  
better enough to get back to work?


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