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You need water just off the boil, and it's best to preheat the PF too. It is persnickety about grind, not so much with tamp.  It puts out a MUCH better shot (hotter and with thicker and stabler crema) than the old All-Clad model that looked like a giant winged corkscrew (and the All-Clad was very fragile).  Downside is that it's relatively heavy (might put your checked bag over 50 lbs.; raise eyebrows at TSA security gates if you carry it); and you can't fly with it unless you buy the NO2 at your destination, since you can't carry pressurized gas containers in either carry-on or checked baggage.  
On Apr 16, 2010, at 12:19 PM, sci wrote:

> Sandy,
> You mentioned the little NO2 powered manual espresso machine. Tell me about
> it. I have seen them on the web and I'm intrigued, but I have never known
> anybody who had even tried one. Does it put out a decent shot? Is it
> cantankerous with grind and tamp, etc? I already have a drawer full of NO2
> for my cream whippers, so that isn't a problem. If you had it to do over
> again would you buy one of them? Also, since NO2 dissolves in oils (thus
> making the whip cream) does this affect the espresso shot, making it creamy?
> thanks
> Ivan
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> I will admit to hauling a mini-Keurig and china mug (and sometimes a kettle
> and NO2-powered espresso machine) when on the road by car.  Comes in its own
> handy bag. When I fly, it's a kettle, Zass Turkish, AP, filters (including
> some basket-type for hotel drip machine) and my beans. And a hard (steel or
> plastic) mug--you never know when all they'll have are styrofoam cups.  Got
> the manual 'spro-maker because it's easier to haul than even the smallest
> Nespresso and I can use my own beans. (Only I can't fly with it because of
> the nitrous oxide cartridges.....and any destination sophisticated enough to
> carry them would have a decent coffeehouse anyway).
> Back in the primitive days before discovering homeroast or even artisanal
> beans, I'd save extra hotel room coffee packs so I could double up in the
> room's drip machine and thus get a strong enough brew. But have you noticed
> how many hotels are using proprietary single-cup drippers (Lavazza,
> Starbucks, even--blecch, Ritz-Carlton should know better--Maxwell House)?
> Their filter packs work ONLY in their respective machines. I'd be willing to
> be they were losing money on guests taking home their unused coffee packs.
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