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You mentioned the little NO2 powered manual espresso machine. Tell me about
it. I have seen them on the web and I'm intrigued, but I have never known
anybody who had even tried one. Does it put out a decent shot? Is it
cantankerous with grind and tamp, etc? I already have a drawer full of NO2
for my cream whippers, so that isn't a problem. If you had it to do over
again would you buy one of them? Also, since NO2 dissolves in oils (thus
making the whip cream) does this affect the espresso shot, making it creamy?



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I will admit to hauling a mini-Keurig and china mug (and sometimes a kettle
and NO2-powered espresso machine) when on the road by car.  Comes in its own
handy bag. When I fly, it's a kettle, Zass Turkish, AP, filters (including
some basket-type for hotel drip machine) and my beans. And a hard (steel or
plastic) mug--you never know when all they'll have are styrofoam cups.  Got
the manual 'spro-maker because it's easier to haul than even the smallest
Nespresso and I can use my own beans. (Only I can't fly with it because of
the nitrous oxide cartridges.....and any destination sophisticated enough to
carry them would have a decent coffeehouse anyway).

Back in the primitive days before discovering homeroast or even artisanal
beans, I'd save extra hotel room coffee packs so I could double up in the
room's drip machine and thus get a strong enough brew. But have you noticed
how many hotels are using proprietary single-cup drippers (Lavazza,
Starbucks, even--blecch, Ritz-Carlton should know better--Maxwell House)?
Their filter packs work ONLY in their respective machines. I'd be willing to
be they were losing money on guests taking home their unused coffee packs.
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