[Homeroast] [homeroast]Tom, any comments on the symposium "The single serve market" session?

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I will admit to hauling a mini-Keurig and china mug (and sometimes a kettle and NO2-powered espresso machine) when on the road by car.  Comes in its own handy bag. When I fly, it's a kettle, Zass Turkish, AP, filters (including some basket-type for hotel drip machine) and my beans. And a hard (steel or plastic) mug--you never know when all they'll have are styrofoam cups.  Got the manual 'spro-maker because it's easier to haul than even the smallest Nespresso and I can use my own beans. (Only I can't fly with it because of the nitrous oxide cartridges.....and any destination sophisticated enough to carry them would have a decent coffeehouse anyway).

Back in the primitive days before discovering homeroast or even artisanal beans, I'd save extra hotel room coffee packs so I could double up in the room's drip machine and thus get a strong enough brew. But have you noticed how many hotels are using proprietary single-cup drippers (Lavazza, Starbucks, even--blecch, Ritz-Carlton should know better--Maxwell House)? Their filter packs work ONLY in their respective machines. I'd be willing to be they were losing money on guests taking home their unused coffee packs. 
On Apr 15, 2010, at 9:24 PM, miKe mcKoffee wrote:

> Instant any form or brand of coffee forget it. However, tried a Nespresso
> shot while at Kitchen Kaboodle about six months ago and it actually wasn't
> foul and was marginally drinkable straight up. For the average Joe Mug who
> doesn't have the desire to go through the time, expense and effort of
> becoming a real home barista they are a decent way to go. Haven't tried the
> K-Cups.
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> nothing to do with the Mermaid.
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>> symposium "The single serve market" session?
>> This was the session description.
>> ***"The Single Serve Market :: Batch brewing, which defined brewed
>> coffee preparation for decades, is being challenged in both the mass
>> market and high-end specialty by a proliferation of new technologies
>> and a revival of old favorites. The advent of the K-cupR, the CloverR,
>> soluble innovations in Starbucks' VIAT, the revival of MelittaR and
>> ChemexR pourover methods, all point to an exciting, paradigm-shifting
>> phenomenon and this two-part session will explore how brewing to
>> order, by the cup, is changing every part of the coffee business.
>> Session one will look at innovations like K-CupR, NespressoR, and VIAT
>> and how they're making huge inroads into the at-home coffee
>> marketplace. Is this simply adding dimension to the at-home coffee
>> marketplace, or is this a microwaveable-popcorn style paradigm
>> shifter? We'll be addressing these issues along with insiders in the
>> mass-market single cup brewing industry, evaluating consumption
>> trends, supply issues, and quality developments.
>> Session two will look at how cutting-edge, high-end coffee bars have
>> embraced single serve coffee preparations like the CloverR, siphon
>> bar, pourover bar, and other by-the-cup brewing systems. How are these
>> developments transforming the consumer experience of specialty coffee?
>> Are these workable ways to run a business, or just a good show? Is
>> this a fad, or is "brewing by the cup" here to stay? Join leaders in
>> the brew-by-the-cup retail movement in discussing and demonstrating
>> the mechanics of this transformation to the coffee retail
>> environment."***
>> The whole K-cups, Pods, Via thing is really spooky. And it's catching
>> on in my area. Green Mt. is pushing the K-cups hard in the northeast
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