[Homeroast] I live to order some Carlos Imbachi: Really off topic

Jim Gundlach pecanjim at bellsouth.net
Thu Apr 15 11:51:06 CDT 2010

When I learned to drive I was being taught to haul moonshine.  I was  
just 13 years old but one lesson I have always followed is to check  
any traffic going beside me at least twice every second to make sure  
it is not moving over to my lane.  Yesterday I was passing an eighteen  
wheeler with an empty flat bed and it started coming over into my lane  
when I was about halfway between the two sets of double duals.  I  
slammed my brakes and pulled over to the left as far as I could and  
managed to get a good four feet behind it before we began to share the  
same lane space.  Since I drive a little Toyota, I probably would not  
have lived to place the order for the Carlos Imbachi if I had not been  
following my moonshine hauling lessons.

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