[Homeroast] Chocolate anyone?

Alchemist John john at chocolatealchemy.com
Thu Apr 15 06:58:40 CDT 2010

Better yet - www.ChocolateAlchmey.com  by yours truly if you want to 
go from the beans - I think the wiki is cribbed from me anyway.

At 04:48 AM 4/15/2010, you wrote:
>I think they are talking about roasting cacao beans and then going 
>through the whole process of extracting the chocolate liquor and 
>cacao butter, etc. from the roasted bean, conching that and so on 
>until you have chocolate ready to put into a recipe or make into a 
>bar for straight eating.  For an overview - 
>The oban wafer is already fully processed, just sitting there in a 
>convenient little form ready for bakers to use.  Really just a 
>larger and flatter chocolate chip.  Can't roast it - well, can't and 
>get good results.
>I think what you need are baking recipes, not roasting information.
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