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I love Italian stovetop espresso/moka pots.  I grew up with them so I am

They do not make espresso like an espresso machine-especially a pro-line
one...not the same intensity nor any crema really.  Having said that, they
do make a good espresso - just not compared to a pro espresso machine.  If
you get a larger one-say a 6 cup or larger, you can use it to make regular
strength coffee simply by adjusting the coffee to water ratio.  I use mine
for all the coffee brewed in my house!  They tend to work better over a gas
flame as opposed to an electric stove...takes longer on the latter.

Another wonderful item is a stove top milk steamer.  They used to be
plentifull, now they appear to be going the way of the dodo.  You can still
find them occasionally on E-Bay or Orphan Espresso.  They do a great job
properly steaming milk with just the right amount of froth.

Be wary of the newer stovetop espreso/steamer comboinations like Bellman.
They never have enough steam to froth the milk after brewing the espresso.
Stick with the older espresso and steamer combos or seperates.


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> How are those Stove top coffee makers? I have thought about getting one for
> some time.
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