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Tue Apr 13 01:50:30 CDT 2010

"How are those Stove top coffee makers?"
Excellent.  Got a stainless steel 6 tasse model,  Fun trying different
techniques and methods; you'll like the results.

The "thermo block" that some espresso machines use has the heater element
and the stainless steel tubing between the pump and the valve/ group
assembly cast into an aluminum block.  The thermal and electrical
conductivity of cast Aluminum is the same order of magnitude as Copper.

Putzig (University of Colorado 2006) has published a model for Thermal
Inertia Units (*tiu)* as a derived SI unit...   As the name implies, thermal
inertia represents the ability of a material to conduct and accumulate
heat.  Most engine coolant is water-based.

Water is an excellent *tiu* component, better than the misleading market
palaver re: Marine Brass used in espresso machine groups and filter
handles.  Brass is easy to cast, polish and requires little finish
machining.  In that respect, the state of the art would advance if the brass
pieces were replaced with carbon fiber.  Brass Loses as a thermal mass;
Water has higher *tiu*.

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

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