[Homeroast] Clever Coffee Dripper

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 11:44:06 CDT 2010

This morning I took the kettle to a rolling boil (212 degrees F where I
live) and waited 30 seconds and poured in about 100+ ml for the bloom /
pre-roast.  I stuck the thermocouple from my PID in the CCD to monitor the
temp and was surprised to see that the temp dropped below 170.  When I added
the balance 30 seconds later of water to take it up to 450 ml, it still was
around 170, even though the water in the kettle after 30 seconds measures a
209 degree temp.

I know that I didn't pre-heat the CCD this morning being in a rush, but this
large temp drop surprised me.  The coffee didn't taste right either.  It got
me wondering of another app for the PID, how about putting a reflector clamp
light over the CCD like a heat lamp to boost the temp.  I could hook it up
to the PID to see if it could maintain a temp, but even if it didn't it
should help heat it up.  I'm wondering if I should try the old reptile lamp
in the closet from when we raised hermit crabs or just go for an
incandescent.  Another fun coffee project.


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