[Homeroast] aluminum for roasting

Tom Ulmer tom at transtate.us
Mon Apr 12 11:16:57 CDT 2010

For a year or so I used an aluminum WhirlyPop to roast. Besides third eye
development I've noticed no ill effects.

I believe there was news a few years ago which attempted a correlation of
aluminum levels in the body to Alzheimer's disease.

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does anyone know if aluminum is a safe metal to have in contact with beans
at roast temperatures?  more specifically, i have an aluminum cookie sheet
that i'd like to use as sheet metal for parts in fabricating a new drum.
the drum is cast iron, but i'm thinking of using the aluminum as an exit
door for the beans.

however, if that's safe, it's got me thinking about using a turkey frying
pot as a drum.  if it's ok for cookies, is it ok for coffee?  ...would be
much higher temperatures.


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