[Homeroast] Red Honey and honey

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Mon Apr 12 00:18:44 CDT 2010

When I brewed shots of Bolivia Caranavi beans I had recently roasted for my
friends Ray and Carlos, I added a dollop of organic Colorado western slope
honey.  Ray knew my stuff might be good.

Carlos is stuck brewing Excellent coffee in his Stovetop Moka pot, with his
own coffee shop dreams and the classic ¿Espresso?-strained look.  My
espresso shot made short work of the frown, same as it has for me.

Four oz. dist H2O on the 20g of cane sugar in the Ibrik, 15g of 9-grind E.
Sidamo D/C stirred in, Made a tan paste before I dribbled the hot water from
the Technivorm pot. Try for a shorter brew of <3 minutes with the ultra fine
grind.  Too fine- it made a paste when I put the grounds into the cold
water.  5 minutes still gave great flavor with 15g coffee to 9.5oz water.

The fill with hot water didn't aid the grounds settling much.  The "double
boiler" bath of the Ibrik in the pan of boiling water is a much better and
safer heating mode for me.  The water bath heats it very quickly but no risk
of overheating or boiling, as with direct heat source contact.  Sea level
dwellers may need more care, with 10° F higher boiling water bath.

Tough for extended brewing time to extract much caffeine from the Decaf
Sidamo.  Wanted to roast some of the Costa Rica El P. Tarrazu, but the grass
beckoned this afternoon.  Good weather is not unusual, but the grass shoots
up between snow storms.  Mower started first pull after I filed the blade
and refilled the tank with E-85, so I had to mow.

The rubber gas line kinda' weeps after two years of E-85, so I guess it's
true what they say.  But it made the Bronco run better.  Tuesday I'll get
some Buna-N or Neoprene gas line.  Right after Wimpy settles up.

Mondays are for roasting-

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

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