[Homeroast] Clever Coffee Dripper

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 15:01:45 CDT 2010

I brew two cups with the CCD, and have noticed on occasion when moving from
one cup to another that the mechanism will tilt and not properly seat if I
don't lift straight up.  Now that I know what's happening, I don't see this
much anymore.  I take the first cup which drains in about 30 seconds and I
give the Wife the second cup that takes over two minutes to drain.

One trick I sometimes use before brewing is to pull down on the plastic disk
mechanism so that the valve is well seated.  When I turn the CCD upside
down, the valve doesn't open when seated this way.  This makes sure that
there's no minor leaking during the brew.  Once you set it on the cup, it
opens the valve no problem.

This morning I made an amazing discovery with the CCD.  I was making pain
perdu (French toast) with the remainder of a stale loaf of sourdough) and
brewing coffee at the same time and hadn't noticed that my second kitchen
timer wasn't set up correctly so after my 30 second pre-brew to allow the
Kenya to bloom I poured in the remainder of the water and stirred and
started the second timer set to count up instead of a normal four minute
countdown.  I noticed my mistake after five minutes but the coffee was much
better so I've added the extra minute to my process.

I was using the second timer yesterday for tracking my sous vide experiment
with some on-sale London broil the Wife picked up at the store... dipped my
PID's thermocouple wire in the large crock pot and cooked the vacuumed
sealed meat for a couple of hours at 140 degrees Fahrenheit and then pan
seared the outside.  It was quite good, though I don't normally eat red meat
so what do I know.  I did find that it took forever to auto-tune the PID to
a crock pot full of water, so I want to find a way to save the settings so I
can go back and forth between my espresso machine and the Sous Vide setup
without having to spend over an hour re-tuning the PID.


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