[Homeroast] Profiles for the Behmor

Robert D. Crawford robdcraw at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 11:06:26 CDT 2010

"Greg Hollrigel" <ghollrigel at gmail.com> writes:

> Robert:
> I think your understanding is incorrect, if I understand what you
> wrote.  There was a detailed thread on the CoffeeGeek forum about
> this.  My current understanding is that the + and - buttons only
> affect the length of the 3rd leg, regardless if they're pushed before
> or after the roast is started.

Here is the relevant section of the manual.  I can't tell you what page
it can be found on because I have to convert the manual to text before I
can read it.  I've inserted text but it should be clear what I've

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