[Homeroast] Homeroast Digest, Vol 27, Issue 10

Mary Shue mshue at umich.edu
Sat Apr 10 18:32:23 CDT 2010

Ok, I've officially unsubscribed from the digest-mode and am now into the
individual email-mode.  So that means I'm not lurking any more.  Get ready
for all the annoying new roasterling questions that every new person to the
list seems to ask over and over again (lol).  I've roasted about 16 batches
of beans so far in my Behmor.  I usually use a Moccamaster coffee brewer but
I have a couple of French presses.   I'm not an expert with the French
presses but I've used them more since I had coffee at a place in town (that
would be Ann Arbor) called Comet Coffee.  I swear their barista is a genius.
I have never had a cup of coffee as good as they brew there.  
I downloaded the Behmor Thing program yesterday and am really looking
forward to working with it.  I down loaded the Spectrogram program for my
Ipod Touch and found an inexpensive little microphone (looks like a capsule)
for it on Amazon.  I can hear the first crack if I don't turn on the exhaust
fan but I thought it might help me with the 2nd crack.  Thanks everyone for
all the information.  And, Chris, I would love to have some of your roast
data from your Behmor Thing records, if you'd care to share.
mshue at umich.edu

Can someone explain to me the desirability of prolonging the first crack?  I
know (at least for me) avoiding the second crack is good but what exactly
does the second crack do that screws up the taste, or is it the temperature
of the bean that screws up the taste that just is reflected by the 2nd
crack?  Thanks for indulging me.  Mary in A2


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