[Homeroast] Profiles for the Behmor

Robert D. Crawford robdcraw at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 20:26:19 CDT 2010

I need a bit of clarification on one thing...

Yakster <yakster at gmail.com> writes:

> The P2 profile is designed to drop the temperature at or near first
> crack to slow down the roast to keep you from barreling right into
> second and beyond.  The temperature drop is the "second leg" of the
> roast and the third leg takes it back up to full power to finish the
> roast (if you haven't already hit cool to stop the roast) Pushing the
> A, B, C, and D buttons will control where this temperature drop occurs
> and it's best to use BehmorThing to figure out when this happens.
> Pushing the + and - buttons will not change the timing of the second
> leg, just extends the last leg of the roast.  

As I understand it, the length of the profiles depends on what the time
is on the clock when you hit start.  The length of the third leg of the
roast is changed independent of the 1st and 2nd legs of the roast if and
only if you adjust the time with the + and - buttons _after_ the roast
is started.  Here is an example, using round but completely arbitrary

Let's say each leg of the roast is 1/3 of the time.  We start the roast
with 15 minutes on the clock.  This means

L1 = 5 min
L2 = 5 min
L3 = 5 min

Now, before we hit start we decrease the time to 14 min.  Here is what
we have:

L1 = 4 min 40 sec
L2 = 4 min 40 sec
L3 = 4 min 40 sec

Now, we hit start.  After the roast begins we hit + 4 times.  This adds
time to the third leg _only_, leaving the rest of the roast curve the
same.  Now the roast profile looks like this:

L1 = 4 min 40 sec
L2 = 4 min 40 sec
L3 = 5 min 40 sec (4 min 40 sec plus 4x15 sec)

Visualize compressing the graph before the roast starts and just moving
the line out straight after the roast starts.

Or am I mistaken?

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