[Homeroast] Profiles for the Behmor

g paris pchforever at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 18:26:53 CDT 2010

hey mary,

you will do fine as you move along, there are things to remember that many
times you may not think about...
how much power is coming into the receptacle where you are using your

are you in a house o apartment? that can change your power at different
times during the day.

please try to remember that there is NO RIGHT WAY!!!

there are some Behmor profiles here on Sweet Maria's also at
http://www.homeroasters.org/php/news.php and several other places.

May I suggest the you forget profiles for the time being. Take 4/5 or 6
ounces of beans and just let the machine roast them for you.
I think once you see, smell and hear what happens you will understand the
idea of profiling.

Frankly with all of the machines I have had I "self profile" see um, smell
um and dump um!!

enjoy your Behmor, great machine.


please feel free to email me off list with any other questions?

how long have you been roasting. where do you roast?

On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 2:20 AM, Mary Shue <mshue at umich.edu> wrote:

> I plead insophistication when it comes to coffee roasting.  I have a Behmor
> and I'm still trying to make since of the profiles.  I was trying to just
> get to the first part of the 2nd crack on a bolivian bean.  I used profile
> A, 1/2 lb,and added 45 seconds (I think I saw that in one of the posts).
>  Well, between the smoke alarm, the Behmor and the stove fan, I pretty much
> overshot it.  Wasn't there an IPOD program to capture the frequency of the
> beans?  I know I saved it so I'll look back and find it.  I used profile D
> on another bean and never did get it to first crack (or just barely) even
> with adding as much extra time as I could.  Could someone explain these
> profiles either on or off list, or refer me to some archive?  I just can't
> seem to get it right.  Also, what is this "fix" that every talks about for
> the Behmor?  Let the new kid in on it.  Thanks!  Mary in A2
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