[Homeroast] Hybrid vac pots

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Sun Apr 4 17:19:32 CDT 2010

Vacuum brewers are designed to draw hot water up the stem into the funnel
with the Foulgers. A layer of water has to remain on the bottom of the pot,
so the glass never exceeds the boiling point of water.

If the stem is forced deeper into the pot to draw up more water, the thin
layer of water will boil away completely in a few seconds. The borosilicate
glass can withstand the soaring temperature, not the sudden inrush of cooler
coffee (~200° F coffee Vs 300+° F) on the boiled-dry glass bottom.

Some have imagined "excessive vacuum" caused the pot to shatter. News Flash-
If you're not using the *exact* funnel-gasket-pot  components in the vac
pot, a GI party could be in your future.

(My last GI party was interlaced with San Miguel and involved policing
cigarette butts outside the 1st Mob maintenance shop at Clark.)

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
Persist in old ways; expect new results - suborn Insanity...

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