[Homeroast] Good Friday Cup

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Sat Apr 3 00:46:24 CDT 2010

Great coffee day today started with a cup of The delicious Panama DP roasted to FC+ in the hotel.  Brought along the tea kettle, zass, and a #2 mellita.  I haven't found any decent shops in Medford, OR so when visiting family homeroast is a must! Yesterday we took a trip to Ashland and visited 2 shops.

Rogue Valley Roasters
This place had very good food and a very nice espresso my wife's mocha was delicious made with ganache and prepared well.  Unfortunately, when I asked them if they roasted on site the response was that the previous owners were the ones that roasted, and were no longer in the picture.  The coffee was from a roaster in the bay area that I hadn't heard of and espresso beans were oily and dark. I spoke with the barista who I found out was the owner and asked him if anyone in town roasted on site, he was hesitant to refer me to his competitor and I told him about the customer disloyalty card and we talked a bit about:

Noble Coffee
I visited them yesterday and drove 20 miles out of our way before heading north to Salem today.  Yesterday was a quick espresso and out but on my visit today I got to speak with one of the owners and he was very happy that I recognized all of his efforts and we got to chat a bit in their roasting room, Jared's goal he told me, was to quietly be the best coffee shop in the world.  He's off to a great start.

Key points that impressed me:
1) Meticulous espresso preparation by all baristi
2) Choices- 2 espresso blends, a SO espresso (a CoE Nicaragua) and a decaf
3) Roasting done on site, all retail coffee was less than 3 days old.  Espresso was rested properly before use
4) A syphon bar
5) Beautiful microfoam and latte art 
6) Roast dates proudly displayed on retail bags, couldn't find any older than 3 days

Ashland is a great place and this makes future family trips to visit the in-laws in southern Oregon a little more interesting.  Sorry honey can't visit family on the first day because I "forgot" the homeroast  ; )


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