[Homeroast] WBP Falling Apart?

Jason Brooks brookswv at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 19:24:11 CDT 2010

It's been a while, but while I've been silent, I've been lurking a bit.  My
roasting habits are single roasts in the trusty WBPI, roughly every other
day.  The other night when I dumped the beans, I saw something fall into the
colander.  Looking, I saw that it was black plastic.  I turned the popper up
under the light and saw, about halfway down, the inner black tube of the
popper is coming out in smallish chunks.  So, now the questions arise.

I don't see any direct danger here, but am I missing something?   I know
that I can remove the top and re-sleeve the popper.  I've seen the pics of
the bread tube atop a beautifully frankensteined WBP1.  Would that be
viable?  Other repair options for the existing plastic/bakelite?  Other
options on adapting?

Thanks all,

Jason Brooks
brookswv at gmail.com

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