[Homeroast] Measured weight of whole beans to roast in Yama VP 8 cup

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Thu Dec 31 21:51:45 CST 2009

Comments were forthcoming from this coffee cove re:

"...39 g of beans going into the grinder doesn't mean 39 g coming out.  I
may lose 1 or 2 g in the grinder."

For every shot of espresso, I use a coffee spoon to scoop beans into the
basket of my Capresso matcheen disguised as a toy. Brim full of beans with
none heaped above the rim, I dump them into a ZipLoc sandwich bag, press it
out flat with a hand towel, seal it and park it in the freezer for about 5
minutes or overnight, if I forget after midnight or 0300 hrs.(3am)

The grinder operation goes like this:
0= sub-flour dust, the burrs are just kissing. I have ground beautiful bread
flour from whole grain Hard Red winter wheat at 3 - 5 setting. 45 - 50 is a
good press grind, 35 - 40 for drip and Steinway cup.
18 - 21= good place to start for espresso grind. There is a difference
between 18, 18.5, 19, 19.25, up to 21 depending on all the other variables.

The differences in the grind setting are real, intuitively obvious
and discernible to the meanest palate- mine. The only rule is "There are no
rules- everything depends on everything else," and (Grinder input) -
(Grinder output) =< 0.7g, or output = input.

Bellows (From an old Air pot) puff loose grounds on through the grinder for
every shot. Vacuum loose grounds forward and reverse flow on alternate
shots, at least.

When I seek the taste experience of coffee brewed with stale grounds, I want
to have to go somewhere else. Why should I do the evil thing here in the
home coffee cove?

I was sure espresso brewed coffee was a big misteak and an egregious and
total waste of potentially-good beans, although it seemed to work best with
*$ execrable worst beans.

Nothing for it but to try my best to brew it right, and see how bad it
turned out. RONG! Right away, the grinder proved to be the single worst
bottleneck to brewing coffee. The collusion-priced $149 shiny toy grinder
with comical burrs was about ready to give way to the big Mahlkönig 3 phase
240-volt job.

miKe to the rescue, saving me about $3 Big on a Mazzer with even greater
utility for me than the Mahlkönig.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

Got grinder?

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