[Homeroast] can we go back?

Robert D. Crawford robdcraw at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 18:28:00 CST 2009

Is there some way to go back to the way "From:" lines worked in the
past?  This new format makes life a little difficult for me because:

(a)  my tts engine reads the complete "From:" line, and
(b)  there is no way to see who the message is from.

(A) is a personal problem I am willing to bet that no one else on the
list is bothered by.  (B), on the other hand affects everyone.

Can we not put all the information contained in the "From:" line into
the footer contained in each message?

Robert D. Crawford                                     robdcraw at gmail.com

You're definitely on their list.  The question to ask next is what list it is.

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