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Wed Dec 30 17:23:16 CST 2009

Hi Laura, 

Welcome to the best coffee possible, your own roast. As Maira answered an email to me, it's truly magical. 

A few things to consider. First, the smell of roasting coffee isn't particularly appealing. It's the nature of the roasting process. Second, each coffee has its own roasting characteristics. Some roast slower than others. I have the Costa Rica Don Mayo "La Ponderosa" Bourbon, which rapidly goes City+ to Full City. It requires paying close attention to the roast to achieve the results I want (between C+ and FC). Each roaster has its own characteristics. What works for one is not necessarily the same for others. I use the Fresh Roast, which is one of the air poppers. Ambient air temperature fits into the overall equation, too. 

Beans going through the roasting process goes through some pretty distinct stages. You can read about that on the site.Your scent, sound and sight senses are all used during the roast. The unfortunate part of that is that you will have to gain the experience necessary to figure out what happens when during the roasting process. And the only way to gain that experience is via roasting yourself. My first roaster was a hot air popcorn popper. 

Have heart, we have all been there. Don't get discouraged. You will be roasting wonderful coffee very soon. Above all, enjoy the learning experience. I roast for some friends and a few VERY special people. 


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