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Thu Dec 31 20:56:31 CST 2009

First, my Hot Top was an original version.  I had not updated the control
panel, so my ability to control  the roast was very limited.  I realized my
Hot Top was doing a poor job of roasting, I just didn't realize how poor.  I
expect I will miss the cooling tray on the Hot Top but I won't miss the
amount of smoke the Hot Top put out.  Currently I can see the coffee
roasting better than I could on the Hot Top.  I really like the larger
window and the light.  I can hear the roast better with the Behmor.   I
don't care for any coffee roasted into the second crack.  So dark roast was
not important.  I absolutly love being able to roast a full pond of coffee
at one time.  This is a huge advantage for the Behmor. I was a big fan of
the Hot Top, The build quality of the Hot Top is better.  I roasted hundreds
of pounds of coffee with the Hot Top.  It was a hell of a machine.

I purchased the Behmor to get me to a commercial roaster this coming fall.
In this role I am confident it will accomplish the mission. I may be
surprised but I don't expect it to last much more than a year.

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> That's interesting.....   Some of us with Behmors aspire to get a Hot Top
> someday!  Although I'm quite pleased with my Behmor, the thought of better
> controllability with the Hot Top is enticing.  Would you elaborate a bit on
> how your Behmor does a better job?
> Bob (aka PeatMonster)
>  Well my Hot Top bit the dust about 10 days ago while I was roasting
>> Christmas Coffee and Vacation Coffee (not much Christmas Coffee for the
>> masses, I was going on vacation after all!!)  I have an original Hot Top
>> roaster, I expect one of the first ones Sweet Maria's sold.  It needed
>> lots
>> of help and when I added up all the new parts I ws spending $330.  I knew
>> this day was coming.  For the last year I have been looking foe a "small"
>> commercial roaster.  Well this item is for all practical purposes not
>> available.  SInce I had not found a suitable replacement and $330 dollars
>> on
>> this old roaster seemed like a waste, I ordered the Behmor.  I and all of
>> my
>> friends prefer a medium roasted bean so it looked to be a good match.
>> Today
>> I received the Behmor and roasted 1/2 pound of Guatemalan.  First try,
>> Perfect.  I will continue to look for a commercial roaster but this
>> roaster
>> will keep me going for a while.  It actually does a better job than my Hot
>> Top.  I am really thrilled with the performance of this roaster.
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