[Homeroast] Behmor Calculus

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Thu Dec 31 03:27:46 CST 2009

"Has anyone uncovered an underlying rule..."

Not Calculus but arithmetic required to operate the Behmor.
[Yes, and the Giants have names and reputations- Foulgers, Pabst, Charbucks,
et al.] Therein lies the entire reason for homeroasting and home brewing.

I don't believe the "Good Enough consensus" is good enough for you. Consider
that Big [Brother] Coffee has to suppress excellence, or risk offending
their clientèle. Is the coffee palate gaining a Patrician heritage? Look at
the swill consumed, the elende, dreckig Scheiße pawned off on the Neo
Patricians. (NP's)

Why does the refined palate migrate to the same vintage, origins or cheese,
for example? Winston Smith had his tastes programmed by the Ministry of
Truth, but didn't know it. The NP's probably like to be seen as disciples of
Alton Brown. AB teaches a certain method of roasting and brewing. Dissed the
Silvia as a good home espresso machine.

Got news for AB- his gasket leaked at the start of his brew, but he was
silent on the event. His little video microscope supported his assertion
that grounds from a blade grinder are less than ideal, due to their size
variation. The particulate volume variation from the blade grinder was
easily 200:1. Obviously, horrible for espresso extraction.

Using the same video microscope, showed a particulate volume variation of no
less than 25:1 from the burr grinder. [Can you say Dull Burrs?] This was
Good Enough for espresso, by some trick of magic- take his word for it.

Sure- then, the Imbecile showed the whole beans go in the output chute of a
burr grinder mechanism, and the grounds come out of the center feed path-
which would be pointed UP in the grinder.

After demonstrating the appearance of a good shot, AB administered the coup
de grâs- wolfed it down like you teach a kid to take cough medicine:
"Rollo, this is *Good *for you. Don't taste it, just *Swallow It! *"

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

Remember, Rollo, just *Swallow It! It's Good for you.*

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