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Wed Dec 30 23:52:48 CST 2009

Happy New Year, everyone!


I wish you all the best.


I read with great interest everyone's recommendations for roasting profiles and also read Tom's descriptions of the growing conditions and bean types, but still haven't arrived at any kind of overlying understanding of bean variables and roast profile. (Fast ramp, slow ramp, etc.)


As an example, I had come to use P2 for the power drop, especially with Hard Bean coffees, but a lister mentioned success with P5 roasting Panama Gesha Lot 10.  I really enjoyed the result!


So, down to my question:  Has anyone uncovered an underlying rule for bean type, altitude, processing, origin, etc, in choosing Behmor profiles?  I know the bottom line is to try everything and note what works best, but at one-fifth pound roasts, drunk at a rate of one cup per day, this will take me all the way to my grave, so I seek giants on whose shoulders I might stand for a moment.


Happy Roasting,


robert yoder
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