[Homeroast] Nesco Roaster 1st time

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Wed Dec 30 17:00:35 CST 2009

Well, I just received my Nesco home roaster and my green beans. This is my
first time roasting beans.


I have tried a few batches of roasting from total time including 5 min cool
down that ranges anywhere from 22 (17) to 29 (24). And then I take them out
immediately an put them in a colander, shake until cool.


I did notice that with the last batch at 29 min, which I saw little burn
spots on some of the beans.

Where is that fine line between dark roast and scorch?  


I smell the air that is coming out of the roaster and it doesn't smell
burnt, but when my husband walks in, he says that he smells something
burning.  It doesn't taste like it is burnt and we can still taste of
flavors of the beans, whether it is chocolate, mango or hazelnut overtones.


Can someone help me with this?


Thanks, Laura


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