[Homeroast] Measured weight of whole beans to roast in Yama VP 8 cup

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Wed Dec 30 10:56:04 CST 2009


For drip and vac pot I'm using 39 g of beans with 22 oz of water.  I admit 
that the mix of unit systems bugs me, but it seems most folks measure coffee 
in grams and water in ounces.  Go figure.  Also, 39 g of beans going into 
the grinder doesn't mean 39 g coming out.  I may lose 1 or 2 g in the 
grinder.  Some coffees are worse than others.  When I seem to lose a 
significant amount in the grinder, I use a modified toilet plunger to blow 
those grinds out, since I know they'll go stale and come out next time. 
(Yes, the toilet plunger is dedicated to this specific task...)

I'd be interested in your findings regarding grind level and steep time. 
I'm am finally getting my arms around the vac pot method and liking it.


>I now would like to adjust the brewing in my Yama 8 cup VP by measuring the
> weight of the beans before I grind. What suggestions do you all have
> regarding measured weight before grinding for a perfect brewed pot.
> Being a scientist myself (biologist) I never want to change more than one
> variable at a time. I've worked with grind level, steep time in the upper
> pot before removing from heat, pre-boiled and non pre-boiled water etc. It
> is time for me to work on perfecting the weight of my beans for a great 
> cup.
> Thanks everyone.
> John H.

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