[Homeroast] I-Roast2 malfunctions

Dave McCracken dcm at mccr.org
Mon Dec 28 19:14:03 CST 2009

On Saturday 26 December 2009, you wrote:
> I also don't think that the unit is shutting down in response to actual
> overheating, since it just resets itself and will start right up again, at
> which point it might run through the rest of the roast or only for 10
> seconds (no discernible way to predict which).  Don't most thermal cutout
> switches prevent restarting until the thing cools down?
> All of which leads me to think that there is a faulty component causing the
> unit to shut down inappropriately; the thermal cutout switch sounds like a
> promising suspect.  The mother in law said she fell into the iRoast
>  customer service purgatory when she last called and gave up, as it was
>  quite an ordeal getting anywhere the last time she'd dealt with them.

My last iRoast developed exactly this problem after I'd owned it for about 2 
years.  I'm entirely convinced it was the thermal sensor that flaked out.  It 
would just stop at some random point in the roast and would allow me to start 
a new roast immediately.

The reason I'm convinced it was the thermal sensor is when I'd push the button 
to get a temperature reading, I'd see it occasionally jump from its true 
temperature to some random value 50 degrees or more higher, then immediately 
drop back.  My assumption is that at some point the false high reading would 
be high enough to trigger the overheat shutdown.  And since it was so 
transient it would immediately be ready to start another roast.  You might try 
checking the temperature readings on yours to see if you get the same 
transient high temperature anomalies.

Rather than spend a lot of time and effort tracking it down I took the easy 
way out and got a new roaster (a Gene Cafe this time).

Dave McCracken

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