[Homeroast] Tuesday Afternoon Cup

Doug Hoople doughoople at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 12:18:29 CST 2009

That was yesterday, actually, in Te Awamutu, just outside of Hamilton, NZ,
21 hours ahead of California time.

I had my first cup of homeroast since arriving in NZ in early November,
a Nicaragua El Quetzal Natural Process, roasted to C+ over 15 minutes or so,
1st crack at around 11. Brewed in a Bodum 8-cup press, which isn't ideal
(the vacpots await our return to Wellington next week).

Very nice, mild cup, sweet and nutty, with a satisfyingly long finish.

Bought a high-end Makita heat gun and trotted off to Rocket Coffee in
Hamilton. Asked if they sold greens, and they said yes. Talked to a fellow
by the name of Glen, one of two Glens who work there. Glen knew all about
SM, and had a row of SM cupping spoons hanging on the wall next to their big
15 kilo roasting machine. Glen talked about meeting Tom at an El Salvador
CoE event a year or two ago. He spoke in a strange and telegraphic style,
with bursts of information that I had a hard time making out, and he must
have assumed I knew more than I did. I'm a homeroaster, not a professional
coffee buyer, so a lot of what he was telling me just went over my head.

The Nicaragua was nice, but Rocket prices its greens in a way that indicates
that they're much more interested in their main line of business, namely,
selling bulk roasted coffee to New Zealand's thriving cafe trade.

I've been in touch with CoffeeKim, a South Islander and new member at the SM
forum. Kim suggests the same approach that Tom suggested, namely asking for
greens at cafes that roast their own. Wellington's got lots of those, so it
should be fertile ground.

I miss having the SM candy store just in the next town over!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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