[Homeroast] Cory Rod in a Yama Vacpot?

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Mon Dec 28 22:52:53 CST 2009

Thanks for the kind offer, Rich.  I would take you  up on it, but I went
ahead and bought one off ePay.  It will be interesting to see how it
performs in comparison to the Cona rod.


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>> it appears the filter area is rougher than the Cona.
> It is much rougher.
>> I'm thinking I may get a better draw-down with the Cory.
> I tested this,,,I prefer the Cory rod in my Cona Jr.  Not only was the 
> Cory rod providing faster draw down, the top half is also longer allowing 
> a easier removal.  The Cona rod that came with this Cona Jr model is short 
> and stubby making it difficult to grasp through the smaller funnnel 
> opening.
> A couple of questions for the list:
>> Are there different models of Cory rods?
> Yup, with different patent numbers on them and different names, one is a 
> "Cory Filter Rod" with a round head and another is called "New Cory Rod" 
> with a square head.  The one im using with the Cona is patent # 114097, 
> another one stashed in a drawer, "New Cory Rod" is # 1927287.
>> Which models, if any, will fit the small Yama pot?
> The two I mentioned above work in my 8 cup Yama.  I *think* they work in 
> the smaller units.  Let me know if you want to test one of mine before you 
> buy.
> Rich Adams

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