[Homeroast] Cory Rod in a Yama Vacpot?

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Mon Dec 28 16:25:20 CST 2009

I'm using a 5-cup Yama.  Good to know it will fit and I didn't waste my $12

My earlier experiments with the vac pot left me non-plussed.  My recent
success with finer grinding is re-kindling my interest in the vac pot.  Who
knows, there may be a Technivorm for sale sometime soon!

I'll post my results to the list when I get some air-time with the new Cory


> Bob, I believe there is only one Cory Rod design and it fits all Yama vac
> pots. I've been using mine with excellent results in three different size
> Yama pots. By small Yama pot, do you mean the three cup table top model?
> Yes, it will fit and work fine.
> It's my understanding there is quite a difference between the Cona and
> Corywhere the Yama pots are concerned. I think Doug has done some
> comparisons; he'll be along shortly and I hope he refreshes our memories. 
> He
> and I spoke about Cory/Cona rods over a year ago, and I think he posted
> something here, but I've forgotten.
> Hang loose, help is on the way.
> John

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