[Homeroast] Cold Brewing Coffee

Starfinder Stanley coffee at starf.org
Mon Dec 28 14:33:15 CST 2009

Funny, I was just thinking about querying the list about cold brewed coffee
this morning....

I've done it, and to be honest was quite surprised at how tasty it is.  I
can't imagine what kind of store-bought equipment they convinced you you'd
need to do it ---I just grind a rather coarse grind of a large volume of
beans, dump it into a sealable bucket, pour in the cold water (I can't
recall the proper volume, it was either 1:1 or twice as much water as
grinds), cover, and let sit for 12-24 hours or so.  I give a swirl every now
and again, and ultimately filter the stuff through a gold filter.  I
wouldn't use fabric or paper filters, as they'll absorb some of the oils and
rob you of flavor.  Yields nice concentrated stuff, great for iced coffee
with a shot of cream and no worries about ice dilution.  Great for those
summer music festival weekends, or car camping when it's hot hot hot and you
don't want to mess with a stove....


On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 11:04 AM, Ryan M. Ward <silvercro_magnon at hotmail.com
> wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> I doubt this email will reach you but what the heck. Has anyone here tried
> cold brewing? I just discovered it over the holiday.
> Personally, I prefer iced coffee over hot. For Christmas, my Mother in Law
> got me a Ronco cold brewing kit thing: http://www.ronco.com/coffeetime/ .
> I was a little skeptical about it because it involves letting the beans
> steep in cold water for 8 to 12 hours(not to mention that I generally am
> skeptical of As seen on TV products) but I am finding that the taste is very
> distinctive. I believe that Seattle's Best uses a similar technique to
> produce their iced coffee in house.
> The basic set up is very simple, you grind the beans for a regular drip
> brewer, let them brew in cold water for 8 to 12 hours and then filter
> through a good filter (The Ronco comes with a cotton thick filter, I am not
> sure if a gold filter will work, I don't see why not.) The instructions have
> you add 8 oz beans (I think this is by weight), to 48 fluid oz of water.
> This produces a concentrated coffee base which you can dilute appropriately
> (approx. 1 to 1 ratio base to water). Ronco claims the base will retain
> flavor in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks (which I do not believe for a
> minute but am going to experiment with).
> Ronco is not the only company to produce such a system, I believe Seattle's
> Best has a couple different types(theirs appear to be of higher quality).
> Ryan M. Ward
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