[Homeroast] Gene Cafe??

Bob Glasscock bobglass at centurytel.net
Mon Dec 28 08:13:18 CST 2009

Good morning Frank,

Makes sense. I am roasting 8 oz of Aust. Mt. Top today and will try your
profile. I roasted a Peru FTO this morning...just dial it up to 482 and
punch it, stopping at around 14 mins. It does the job, but wonder if I'm
really coaxing the flavors out of these marvelous beans.

Thanks for the tip.

-Bob Glasscock

Like you and others I also dump the roast during 
the cooling cycle. As you point out, the one 
downside to the GC isthe slow cooling cycle. 
Cooling them outside the machine has become so 
automatic that I didn't even think to mention it 
when I first responded to Phil's e-mail.

A couple of years back Eddie Dove did some 
experimenting with roast profiles. This is one 
area where the GC excels.At any time I can change 
the length of the roast or the temperature 
profile. Beans getting past first crack too fast? 
Dialthe temperature down. The bean needs a hotter 
temp? Dial the temp up at any time. The GC offers 
more control than the other roasters that were 
available at the time in my price range.

My basic profile is one that Eddie recommended 
early on. I spend the first 5-6 minutes with the 
temp set on 325, the next 5-6 minutes with the 
temp at 425, crank up the temperature to 482 
until I get to first crack and then back it down 
to about 460 to stretch out the ramp to second 
crack. When it gets close to where I want, I hit 
the cooling button.

Frank Parth

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