[Homeroast] Cory Rod in a Yama Vacpot?

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Sun Dec 27 22:37:33 CST 2009

Thanks Doug.  Yes I do mean the 5-cup Yama.

You may recall a post of mine earlier this month about my travails with the 
vac pot.  I found that going finer on the grind brought up the body and 
flavor from the thin coffee I was experiencing.  It was counterintuitive to 
go finer.  I had been using the grind I use for drip thinking that finer 
would produce a stall.  Not so!  In fact, it drew down a little quicker.  I 
usually grind for drip at 14 on my Anfim grinder.  Espresso is about 9.  The 
most recent vac pot coffee was ground at 11.  I think I'll try finer until I 
produce a stall, or the tell-tale bitterness of over-extraction shows up.

BTW, for me bitterness is a great way to zero in on grind.  I've seen it 
come and go with just a single increment on a grinder.  I've had good luck 
dialing down the grind until the bitterness shows up and then moving coarser 
by one notch.  It ought to work with the vac pot, methinks.


> I'll leave the question of different models to the experts on Cory rods. 
> But
> they should all fit inthe small Yama pot, if by that you mean the Yama
> 5-cup.
> Doug

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