[Homeroast] Craftworks Coffee (was Re: Versalab M3)

Mike Chester mchet at charter.net
Sun Dec 27 17:04:33 CST 2009

I got the same warning and had to renew my sub, but I got your original 
messages and don't know of any missed ones.  Of course, if I missed them, 
how would I know that they were missing?  :)

From: "Allon Stern" <allon at radioactive.org>

> Nope. But I did get a warning today telling me that due to excessive 
> bounces, my mail was being disabled. Ugh. My friend, who is hosting my 
> domain, has been experiencing flakey network connectivity, so that  could 
> me it. But really, email is DESIGNED to deal with flakey  connectivity. I 
> wouldn't expect action until at least three days of  bounces. And even 
> then, there is a reliable MX for the domain.
> -
> allon

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