[Homeroast] Craftworks Coffee (was Re: Versalab M3)

Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Sun Dec 27 15:11:13 CST 2009

On Dec 27, 2009, at 12:47 PM, Lynne <lynnebiz at gmail.com> wrote:

> It made the list - yesterday - Allon.
> I don't know about your email, but gmail doesn't show one's own  
> postings,
> unless it's a reply to something else. Maybe yours does the same..

Nope. But I did get a warning today telling me that due to excessive  
bounces, my mail was being disabled. Ugh. My friend, who is hosting my  
domain, has been experiencing flakey network connectivity, so that  
could me it. But really, email is DESIGNED to deal with flakey  
connectivity. I wouldn't expect action until at least three days of  
bounces. And even then, there is a reliable MX for the domain.


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