[Homeroast] Things i learned from Dan at USRC

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If they are telling you that first crack is at 350 ish that is very wrong...first crack is somewhere between 390 and 395..I don't care what you are roasting on..first crack is around 390 if you are getting real bean temps.
If your reading is 350 then there is a calibration problem or you are not getting a real bean temp reading

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1st crack 354f ish? That's 40f low start of "real" 1st crack temps. Now my
SRC 3k's bean probe offset calibration has been off ~20f since the day I
ot it 2 years ago, ie 1st cracks start my bean temp reading 375-380f.
aven't bothered to call to find out how to correct the offset. And it's
een no biggy since I know it's off and have all my profiles built
ccordingly. But 354f 1st crack? Not real bean temp, no way. Check Tom's
ictorial which includes crack temps. My Caffe' Rosto & CCR HotTop roasting
emps always agreed with Tom's pictorial examples. So I knew my USRC 3k bean
robe was calibrated wrong from the git go. If your 3k is reading 354f bean
emp 1st crack I'd have them correct the calibration before it ships.
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 Well add me to the list of USRC roaster owners.  I was in Oklahoma
 Tuesday to be trained on my new 3kilo roaster.  She's fire engine red
 so i've named her Ginger!  Should be shipped out beginning of 
 next week.
 I was really excited to learn more about temperature, times, heat, etc
 since i've been a behmor user for so long and have been limited to
 Here are some of the highlights from what i've learned, and 
 would love to hear some input;
 These are of course generalizations..
 Temperature goals:
 300F in 6.5-7min
 365F in 10min
 400F in 12min, then BACK OFF to lengthen out 1st
 First crack goal: 10min
 Average 1st crack temp: 354F ish, some as early as 320F
 One of staff said this gem: "The first 12min is science, the 
 last 3 is art."
 Michael B                       
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