[Homeroast] Roasting smoke and birds

cherry carter theravensroost at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 10:30:28 CST 2009

Hi Allon,
We have a dozen or so parrots in the great room area . . . and you are
right, they are very susceptible to smoke or fumes. That's why we don't have
a fireplace. By the time you realize the bird is in distress, it may be too
late. (This goes for cooking with non-stick surfaces, as well -- the
chemicals can quickly kill or severely damage the bird's nervous system)
I have a Behmor in the kitchen, very close to the birds, and experience no
smoke problems. However, I only roast 1/2 pound at a time. If there is
enough smoke in a room to bother you, there is enough smoke to bother the
You are not being overly cautious, there is a real risk, so be sure to
monitor the smoke situation. Think of the canary and the coal miners.
Cherry Carter

On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 9:50 AM, Allon Stern <allon at radioactive.org> wrote:

> Okay this may be largely directed at Starfinder, but I welcome anyone with
> experience to chime in :)
> We're getting a pet bird (Sun Conure). I know birds have very sensitive
> respiratory systems, and I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or
> thoughts on roasting with a bird in the house. I do much of my roasting
> outside with a heat gun, but some indoors with my modded IR2 and just
> recently using the Z&D inside a box with my vent sucking roasting smoke to
> the outside; I've considered a behmor, and may try it with a similar set-up.
> I just hate the idea of anything happening to our new birdy. Am I just
> being overly cautious, or is there a real risk?
> current iRoast setup: http://www.radioactive.org/pix/roaster/
> Tiki bird: http://www.radioactive.org/pix/tiki.jpg
> -
> allon
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