[Homeroast] Roasting smoke and birds

Judith Mateo jmateo at kazart.com
Tue Dec 22 16:42:18 CST 2009

Allon - This is why I roast outdoors! Used to have a conure and two 
cockatiels in Cali... NEVER roasted around them. They were rehomed to 
their breeder when we moved back to Portland OR - too cold and drafty 
here. Now I have two dogs and 16 cats and absolutely DO NOT roast 
anywhere near them. It is not worth it. My husband has taken up smoking 
again (boooo!!!) but he knows enough to smoke outside on the porch - 
even when the temp was down in the twenties the other day. It wasn't 
easy roasting coffee outside then, but I did the box thang with my Mach 
1 Poppery and everything worked out. Judith

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