[Homeroast] Roasting smoke and birds

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Wed Dec 23 09:29:32 CST 2009

Hi Allon,

I have 2 pet birds, a Bourke Parakeet and a Cockateil.   I roast with an old model Hot Top in the garage, and, while the house gets a coffee aroma, the birds are fine (Bourke will be 7 in February and Cockateil will be 8 in June), they go to the vet for annual check ups and have been given a clean bill of health.

My guess is they would be OK provided the house doesn't get smoky, however, as I'm not an avian vet, my opinions/thoughts are just that.    You may want to google "Avian Veterinarian" and then email the question to them, or just ask your vet.


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> Okay this may be largely directed at
> Starfinder, but I welcome anyone with experience to chime in
> :)
> We're getting a pet bird (Sun Conure). I know birds have
> very sensitive respiratory systems, and I wanted to see if
> anyone had any suggestions or thoughts on roasting with a
> bird in the house. I do much of my roasting outside with a
> heat gun, but some indoors with my modded IR2 and just
> recently using the Z&D inside a box with my vent sucking
> roasting smoke to the outside; I've considered a behmor, and
> may try it with a similar set-up. 
> I just hate the idea of anything happening to our new
> birdy. Am I just being overly cautious, or is there a real
> risk?
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