[Homeroast] I-Roast2 malfunctions

Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Sun Dec 27 06:59:16 CST 2009

On Dec 27, 2009, at 12:50 AM, Starfinder Stanley <coffee at starf.org>  

> Thanks for taking the pics, Allon!
> I don't think there's a lot of crud in the machine because the base  
> isn't 2 years old --- it's a replacement unit that has seen pretty  
> light use for about half of the last year (largely because it wasn't  
> working right to begin with).  However, it was working better than  
> the base it replaced, which wasn't working at all ----this one just  
> had to be restarted 3 or 4 times to complete a roast.  Having done  
> the routine myself about 5 times this week, I can attest that as a  
> roasting method, it's a pain in the butt.  So my wife's mom wasn't  
> messing with it, plus she was dealing with health issues for about 6  
> months and not really into roasting for a while.
> I also don't think that the unit is shutting down in response to  
> actual overheating, since it just resets itself and will start right  
> up again, at which point it might run through the rest of the roast  
> or only for 10 seconds (no discernible way to predict which).  Don't  
> most thermal cutout switches prevent restarting until the thing  
> cools down?
> All of which leads me to think that there is a faulty component  
> causing the unit to shut down inappropriately; the thermal cutout  
> switch sounds like a promising suspect.  The mother in law said she  
> fell into the iRoast customer service purgatory when she last called  
> and gave up, as it was quite an ordeal getting anywhere the last  
> time she'd dealt with them.
> I wonder how hard it is to get a replacement thermal cutout switch?

It could be a loose connector.or a defective control board. The power  
connection to the controller is a two pin connector. Or it could be  
the power regulator which provides control logic power (i dont think  
this is in my picture set either). If you feel comfortable working in  
electronics, I can send you my spare controller board and power  

As for the thermal cutout, youd have to read the markings on it to  
determine the ratings, then order another. I may look it up later  
today when I'm in front of my real computer. As noted, there are  
multiple things that could be wrong. I'd start by removing and  
reseating any connectors. Only if it still failed would I start  
replacing components.


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