[Homeroast] Gene Cafe??

Bob Glasscock bobglass at centurytel.net
Sat Dec 26 16:41:06 CST 2009

Hi Phil,

Happy New Year to you and everyone else on the list. My roasting experience
is pretty limited, having used an iRoast 2 for about 3 years and, when
traveling, a Fresh Roast goes with us in the RV. About 2 months ago I
purchased the Gene Café, and like most others following this thread have
been very pleased with it. The reasons I chose the GC over the Behmor or Hot
Top were 1)affordability, and 2) it appeared to be as close to
"set-it-and-forget-it" as possible (although no home model roaster I have
read about should ever operate untended). So far the GC has lived up to my
expectations and produces a respectable roast...city to full city...without
any finagling. I always dump a newly roasted batch into a metal colander to
cool, and cleaning is a breeze...shop vac and compressed air make it about a
two minute job. That being said, I am still a neophyte roaster and would
really like to hear how GC owners tinker with roasts to get more interesting
results. I just don't know how versatile a rig it is for customizing roasts.

Bob Glasscock

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As I read the posts of many of you, I realized that I don't recall anyone
posting about their Gene Café experiences.  Is anyone using it? If not, why


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